Melinda Hollingsworth-Merriweather

Dowager Duchess of Pennsworth



A beautiful woman in her late 30s with creamy skin, blue eyes, and dark brown, curly hair, she is the epitome of a Victorian woman. Well spoken, well dressed, always at the height of fashion. Her one known quirk is that she always carries a small gun on her person


Similar to her Mask, but more ethereal. She appears to be more slender than is healthy for a human, and several inches taller. Her eyes are a deep violet. Her hair seems to move on its own, and she always smells so good. You may not be able to place your finger on what it is, but it is just perfect. In the Hedge, flowers will begin to spring up where she has stepped. This happens in the real world, too, but so slowly that it isn’t put together.


Melinda can tell you about her childhood and up until her 18th year, but then she has no memory of anything until waking up in her bed in the Townhouse in London. She has no memory of her marriage, her husband, nothing. Twelve years just wiped out of her recollections.

Melinda Hollingsworth-Merriweather

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