Elspeth Warthing

Ward of Sir William Wynn



Short, straight black hair and large brown eyes. Petite height and slender build.


She has pale green skin with great black pupil-less eyes and pointy goblin ears.


Elspeth dresses as befits a young lady of her station, to her great dismay. She insists on various shades of gray as compensation. Instead of proper ladies shoes under her dresses, if she’s not barefoot, she wears custom made hob boots of tough leather that go to her knees. There are at least 6 knives hidden on her person at all times.



Elspeth was born into a wealthy merchant family. Her mother, father, and maternal grandfather all died from a cholera epidemic when she was only a year old, and she was taken in by her mother’s brother to raise. As he had to travel a great deal to maintain the business that his father’s death has passed down to him, he hired a nanny and took Elspeth along with him as the last reminder of his beloved sister.

The next 15 years saw Elspeth grow up happily in an unconventional environment across many countries as her uncle’s business transactions with the British military often took him where the action was. She developed an idealized view of the military, as she was only allowed to see all the pretty trappings and was kept well away from more “inappropriate” subject matter.


Elspeth received her education through a variety of tutors over the years. Due to long-term absences from Britain and with little to no interaction with ladies of higher standing, Elspeth learned little of traditional female social niceties and copied her mannerisms from her beloved Uncle, her Welsh nanny Gwyneth, and the various soldiers, sailors, and other merchants that her uncle dealt with.

India and her Abduction

Elspeth first encountered Sir William Wynn in 1873, while her uncle was supplying the military in Muttra . She was introduced by her uncle during a dinner he was hosting for several officers. Sir William seemed dashing as most Hussar officers were, and most polite, with a slight hint of mischief. She liked him immediately. They spoke several more times over the next few weeks before she left with her uncle for the next leg of their travels in India.

In May, Elspeth was walking in the gardens of the embassy at dusk when she witnessed a Fae making a deal with another human. The Fae, wishing for no witnesses, grabbed her as she tried to escape. She bit his hand so hard she drew blood. The Fae, impressed by this little fierce thing’s temerity, decided to keep her instead of just killing her. He left no Fetch behind, and it was believed by all that she had been abducted by rogue Indian tribesmen.


Elspeth was made a fighter in the Fae’s army, a specialist with blades and proficient with a rifle. Despite being named “Handbiter” by her Fae master, she displayed an affinity with breaking and repairing things that made her valuable for more than just killing, and she was apprenticed several times to the Hobs for smithing lessons. She made friends easily among the Hobs, and retains amicable relationships with most Hobs she meets.


On March 8, 1885, nearly a full twelve years after her disappearance, Elspeth felt the pull back to the mortal world. Her uncle, finally married, had just been gifted with a daughter, and he named her “Elspeth” in memory of his long lost niece. Elspeth was pulled through the Hedge, right into the room in her uncle’s house in London, where he held the new baby in his arms for the first time. It was a bit shocking for all involved.

Elspeth still looked like she was the same age when she was taken, and her uncle could barely believe how she appeared as if out of nowhere. He eventually accepted that she wasn’t an imposter, but was still convinced that she had been held captive and tormented by Indian tribesmen, eventually escaping and making her way back to London. The circumstances led to a great deal of fear and distrust from his wife and servants. Elspeth was even less able to fit into gentrified society than she had been a dozen years earlier, and her uncle feared leaving her alone with his new family. He turned to his old friend, Sir William Wynn, himself a man who had returned from many years of captivity among savages, and asked him to take Elspeth on as his ward. His intent was for Sir William to be a kindred spirit who would guide Elspeth in her return to the civilization. Aiding him in this task is dowager Duchess Melinda Hollingsworth-Merriweather, who has taken Elspeth under her wing.

Elspeth Warthing

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